Rudyard Organic Ward


Rudyard Ward offers an admission and assessment service for males and females with challenging behaviour who may have a diagnosis of dementia and may have a forensic history. The ward has 15 beds in total.

We have an excellent reputation for being able to meet complex mental health and physical need of our service user population - in the case of physical needs we do this by having an enhanced General Practitioner contract with our local GP service. This includes a visit from a GP once a week and a visit from a clinical nurse specialist twice a week. We also employ our own physical health nurses who look after the physical wellbeing of all our patients.

Each unit has two communal lounge/dining area and ladies only lounge, a range of ensuite bedrooms, communal bathrooms and toilets, as well as access to extensive, secure fenced-off garden area which includes patio area.

The hospital follows the relevant standards of the NSF for older people:

1) Rooting out age discrimination
2) Person-centred care
3) Mental health in older people
4) The promotion of health and active life in older age

John Munroe Hospital Line:

01538 306244

Referral Line:

01538 394279

Forensic Services:

We have an excellent track record of delivering safe and effective care for older male and female patient's detained under Section 37, Section 37/41 and Section 47/49 with specialist forensic occupational health input, Clinical psychology and primary health care to manage co-morbid physical health problems which can also adversely affect patients mental health.

Full Address:

John Munroe Hospital
Horton Rd
Nr Leek
ST13 8RU

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