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Admissions And Referrals

If you are interested in referring someone to our mental health rehabilitation services located in Leek, near Stoke, they must meet our admission criteria to be considered for a bed in our locked units – which you can read about below or call 01538 394279 for more details.

Overview of admission criteria:

    • Adult patients who may be detained for treatment under the Mental Health Act (1983) or who may be subject to DoLs or informal.
    • Adults over the age of 18 years with enduring mental illness and challenging behaviours.
    • Adults or older people with organic brain damage, whose cognitive and behavioural problems require rehabilitation within an in-patient setting.
    • Adults and older people with organic brain damage, either due to alcohol or other substance misuse, early or late onset dementia or acquired brain injury who present with challenging behaviours which put themselves or others at risk of harm.
    • Older adults with a mental disorder or enduring mental illness who may have a history of seriously challenging or offending behaviour. Patients may also have physical healthcare needs.
    • Our patient profile reflects the specialist input of our clinicians and includes those who present with
      • schizophrenia
      • bi-polar affective and depressive disorders
      • complex psychopathology
      • treatment resistant and co-morbid personality disorder
      • behavioural disturbance
      • substance misuse
      • non-compliance with treatment


    We do not admit to John Munroe Group:

    • Children (or any person below the age of 18 years)
    • Patients with eating disorder as a primary diagnosis
    • Patients with learning disability or Autism

Making a referral:

The John Munroe referral is simple, and you will be guided through the entire process by one of our mental health admissions professionals. To make a referral to our mental health rehabilitation centre then please call us on 01538 394279 and ensure that you have as much information about the patient’s mental health history, diagnoses, symptoms and behaviours as possible.

Upon receiving your referral call, we aim to try and arrange an assessment of the individual within 5 working days. Once this has been completed, we will get back in touch with details of the comprehensive assessment, risk management plans and detailed costings.

Alternatively, you can email and request a call back, or use the contact form below and we will endeavour to call you within 24 hours of submission.

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