Gorden - Successful CBT For Complex Mental Health Issues

Gorden had been transferred to the John Munroe Hospital from an HDU NHS ward, where he had spent over 24 months on Section 3 with complex mental health problems and a difficult to manage physical condition.

During his time on the HDU Nursing staff report that although there has been little change in Gorden's mental health since his admission to the Windermere Ward, within the past 3 months he appears to have become slightly more responsive (in comparison to his flat presentation), occasionally presenting as elated; staff postulate that Respiridol (Oral) has had a positive effect which lead to the referral and ultimately to the admission to the JMH for intensive rehabilitation.

Gorden was at the JMH for just under 12 months. Gorden's program at that time involved CBT on a sessional basis which helped him develop coping mechanisms and the promotion of social inclusion by the nursing and occupational therapy team which helped to build up his self confidence in order to move forward.

During his rehabilitation programme Gorden worked on his budgeting skills, shopping, cleaning and cooking and also how to manage his complex physical condition effectively without impacting upon his mental health.

During his intensive rehabilitation programme he commended a successful self-medication programme which enabled the next step of the process – stepping down from hospital. Gorden was involved the process of finding suitable supported living accommodation back at his home town with support from the staff team and his family. This enabled the successful realisation of his end goal.

The feedback from the key stakeholders in his care was that they had never seen Gorden as well as he is was on discharge. All the JMH Staff wished Gorden all the success in the future and have no doubt he will be a success.

Length of Stay: 18 Months.

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