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Feedback – Rev Malcolm

08 Aug 2017 | BY John Munroe

I had never worked in health care before I started to work at JMH, but it was something I felt called to. I was in the early stage of my journey to becoming a Vicar, and I felt care work was something I needed to gain experience in. If I am honest I was terrified when I first came to JMH, I was totally out of my comfort zone, I am actually quite shy, although people find that hard to believe, and I was worried about meeting new people and being able to do the work.

I very quickly realized I was going to love the job, I met the most amazing people, both staff and those who live at JMH. I had the pleasure of working with some of the most caring people I have ever met, people who dedicate their lives to help others, showing love and kindness to those who desperately need it.

One of the highlights for me in my two years at JMH was starting the JMH Church services with Rachel and others in the team. The joy we have had in the services and the tears which have been shed have been some of the most awesome times, and of course the Christmas Carol service, to see people who have been and continue to go through so much, sing and laugh and cry together is a privilege and something I will never forget or grow tired of experiencing.

It’s important that those who work at JMH realise what awesome people you are, in the care and love you share with others, it’s been a privilege to spend time with you and call you friends.

And to those who live at JMH, you have taught me so much, the courage you have, the gift of having fun and smiling in some really tuff times has inspired me. Having spent two years at University training to be a Vicar, I can honestly say I learnt more and continue to in the time I spend with you than I ever learnt reading books.

It might not always feel like it, but believe me the work you do, the lives you live are an inspiration and a true example of the command Jesus gave us to love your neighbour.

God bless you all, my Love and Prayers always.

Rev Malcolm xxx

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