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Refer A Friend

05 Mar 2019 | BY somarketing

From the 1st of September 2019:
Having reviewed the refer a friend or relative scheme the board have decided to make it considerably more attractive to you as employees.
If you (the employee) refer a:
Nurse or any other professional (therapy department) for a permanent position then the bonus remains at a £1000 each, after a 12 month qualifying period (£500 after 6 months then a further £500 after another 6 months).
Clinical support workers, activities, domestic, maintenance and kitchen permanent position etc then we will pay you (the referrer) £450 after a six month period (an increase of £200).
Please can you pass this email on to all staff who don’t have access to a JMG email.
(please note: this scheme does not apply to the board of directors or any bank positions).
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