The John Munroe Group Goes Green

The John Munreo Group has secured a free commercial wood pettet boiler.

How is it free?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government backed scheme introduced to reward buisnesses for using sustainable fuel sources such as wood pellets. The scheme is designed to ensourage businesses to change from non-sustainable fuel, such as oil to a carbon neutral, sustainable fuel and thus help the Governement meet the 2020 emissions targets.

A Shade Greener provide customers like the John Munroe Group with a free commercial wood pellet boiler, free installation and all the servicing and maintainance included for 20 years.

This new boiler is going to result in a reduction in carbon emissions over 20 year of 1,924 tonnes.

As an organisation we are very proud to be doing all we can to protect the environment for future generations.


M Harris

Managing Director

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