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Our Secure, Safe & Stimulating Dementia Hospital

04 Dec 2019 | BY simon

Dementia patients often require very specialised care which family members are unable to adequately provide and so they may need to be referred to an inpatient facility during difficult periods or when unwell. Minor illnesses and injuries can cause temporary regressions and worsen of dementia patients and so they should receive the care that they need in an environment which is tailored around their condition. Our Dementia hospital near Stoke has special measures in place to ensure the safety, recovery and wellbeing of all patients.


Locked Rehabilitation 

The John Munroe dementia hospital near Stoke is a locked rehabilitation facility, which helps to ensure the safety of patients. By having secure access doors and gated gardens, no unauthorised individuals can come in or out of the facility, helping patients to establish relationships with staff and preventing confusion by the visiting of unknown staff or visitors. Further to this, by ensuring our patients cannot get out without an authorised person, helps us to prevent patients from going missing or wandering off – both of which can be common in people with dementia.


Thorough Assessments

Before a patient is referred to our dementia hospital near Stoke, we ensure that our team are as well informed as possible about their condition, personal life and past treatment plans to ensure that we can provide the care that they need both medically and pastorally. Our activities coordinators will complete a full ‘interests’ survey as well as a ‘life story’ conversation with a family member, allowing us to gather information that helps us provide the most suitable activities and give other patients conversation-starting prompts, based around their life achievements. By ensuring patients have stimulating social situations and activities to take part in, we can assist rehabilitation and make time spent with us as pleasant and accommodating as possible.

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