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Press Release Relating to the Jan 2021 CQC Inspection:

28 Apr 2021 | BY Matthew Harris

PRESS RELEASE 27/04/2021

The release of the current CQC inspection today 28/04/2021 is in response to the quality and compliance inspection carried out on 12th January 2021 on both John Munroe Group Hospital sites, namely John Munroe Hospital – Rudyard and Edith Shaw Hospital January 2021 and has resulted in both of the hospitals being rated as ‘Inadequate.

The investigation was prompted by information received by the Commission in December 2021 regarding infection prevention and control practices relating to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Whilst we are disappointed with the overall rating from the CQC inspection, we do recognise that the inspection highlighted key areas for improvement, which were actioned with immediate effect following the inspection.

We would like to assure everyone that we have been working closely with the Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, and all respective Clinical Commissioning Groups since the inspection We are pleased that all the agencies involved have recognised that we have taken the necessary actions to protect people from COVID-19 and continue to work together to improve on the management and delivery of all services to our patients.

We would like to take the opportunity to assure our patients, staff, families and carers and the public that we are all working tirelessly to ensure that robust systems are in place to effectively safeguard and protect everyone in our care, employment including the local community.

We are confident that working together, we can continue to build on the progress which has already been made.

At the time of writing there are no positive cases of COVID 19 reported from within our patient group or staff teams at either hospital site. All staff and patients are receiving care appropriate to their needs including access to regular testing and care delivered using all aspects of Universal Precautions.

All patients have received both of their scheduled vaccinations and all staff have received their first vaccination with the programme to deliver the second dose being delivered by individual appointments.

Paul Birks -Operational Director/ Nominated Individual


On behalf of the John Munroe Group

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