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Edith Shaw Hospital

The Edith Shaw Hospital is a 14 bedded, female only, community based locked unit.

The unit aims to provide mental health rehabilitation in a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which care, well being and quality of life are of prime importance.

The Edith Shaw Hospital provides mental health rehabilitation services for  women with complex mental health needs.

Get In Touch With Edith Shaw Hospital:

Female Adults / Older People (18+) – 14 beds

Full Address:
Edith Shaw Hospital,
Hugo Street,
Staffordshire, ST13 5PE

Contact: 01538 269341 / 344

More information about the Edith Shaw Hospital:

The Edith Shaw Hospital provides a specialist service for women living with a complex mental health condition and associated complex conditions such as personality disorder, physical health and forensic issues.

The service delivers psychologically informed therapeutic treatment and outcomes focused rehabilitation, to enable a timely discharge into the community.

All our services are specifically designed to provide small group or single person environments, replicating an ordinary living setting. These allow for the development of daily living skills aimed at a move towards more independent living.

We provide person centred and care planned outcome focused interventions to support recovery to better health and greater independence. We facilitate engagement in the community and the opportunity to develop new lifestyle choices to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Our ethos is built upon a shared belief that the person is central to everything we do, and we ensure we are responsive to service users changing needs, reviewing and revising plans to meet these needs. We value positive risk-taking opportunities within a context of robust risk assessment and management to ensure those we support are kept safe.

Each of our services are staffed by an experienced team of professional managers, qualified nurses and clinical support workers. Each service has a team of clinical psychiatrists, psychologists and assistants, occupational therapists. And where required access to speech and language therapist, physio and advocacy.

Personalised Care:

We build our care and activity plans around individuals, supporting, nurturing and encouraging them to live happy, fulfilled lives. We embrace a person-centred care philosophy, with individualised care needs.

Making every day better is about achieving the best possible outcomes for those we care for. We do this by working closely with individuals, families and other health care professionals.


At the Edith Shaw, we understand the importance of good, appetising meals. Our varied menu with freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced food, is developed with service users, to ensure we cater for personal tastes and dietary preferences, including religious and condition-specific requirements.


There are two lounges, a garden area, communal toilets and bathrooms, with all patients’ bedrooms having en-suite facilities. The hospital is located on the outskirts of the town of Leek and provides immediate access to town facilities for those patients who wish to access the community independently or with assistance. We also have good outside space where patients can do supervised garden activities.

Physical Care:

As well meeting the mental health needs of our patient group, we have an excellent reputation for being able to meet the complex physical health needs as well. In order to do this we have an enhanced contract with our local GP service, this includes a visit from a GP every Tuesday (where they do a ward round) and a visit from a clinical nurse specialist every Friday. We also employ our own registered general nurses, who ensure the physical health needs of all our patient group are met. We also encourage our patient group to personalise their bedrooms as pictured below:


The unit aims to provide mental health rehabilitation in a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which care, well being and quality of life are of prime importance.

We ensure patients and their carers’ have full involvement in the planning and delivery of care and we offer choices that will promote independence social inclusion community access/ integration. We offer full opportunities to engage in psychological therapies as well as greater choice, autonomy and empowerment and individual Occupational Therapy assessments plus individual recovery programmes which have emphasis on enhancing quality of life. We aim to focus on the person, not symptoms so our our patient group can fulfil their own potential.

The Recovery Star:

  • Values services user perspectives and enables empowerment and choice
  • Supports recovery and social inclusion


Leisure interests and hobbies make up a healthy, balanced life. We support our patient group to make choices about how they live their lives, their hobbies and interests and where appropriate, access to education and volunteering.

As well as a full programme of activities (which ensure our patient group have plenty of meaningful activity throughout the day) we also have sensory equipment such as the Magic Table – the games provide adults, older people and children with a specific care need with activities that are meaningful and above all lots of fun! 


We have an open door policy for friends and family, who are welcome to visit at any time, accompany their loved ones on trips and outings and be involved in all aspects of care planning and reviews. We do maintain protected meal times so would ask any professional visitors to contact us to ensure they visit outside of these times (during these Covid times we ask all visitors pre book).