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Edith Shaw Hospital

The Edith Shaw Hospital is a 14 bedded, female only, community based locked unit.

The unit aims to provide mental health rehabilitation in a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which care, well being and quality of life are of prime importance.

There are two lounges, a garden area, communal toilets and bathrooms, with all patients’ bedrooms having en-suite facilities. The hospital is located on the outskirts of the town of Leek and provides immediate access to town facilities for those patients who wish to access the community independently or with assistance.

As well meeting the mental health needs of our patient group, we have an excellent reputation for being able to meet the complex physical health needs as well. In order to do this we have an enhanced contract with our local GP service, this includes a visit from a GP every Tuesday (where they do a ward round) and a visit from a clinical nurse specialist every Friday. We also employ our own registered general nurses, who ensure the physical health needs of all our patient group are met.

Our locked rehabilitation unit in Rudyard, Nr Leek offer female only activities in our female segregated units so that they can work proactively towards their shared goals.

We also have sensory equipment such as the Magic Table – the games provide adults, older people and children with a specific care need with activities that are meaningful and above all lots of fun! 

The hospital follows the relevant standards of the NSF for older people:

1) Rooting out age discrimination
2) Person-centred care
3) Mental health in older people
4) The promotion of health and active life in older age

Edith Shaw Hospital Lines:

01538 269341
01538 269344

Referral Line:

01538 394279

Full Address:

Edith Shaw Hospital
Hugo Street
ST13 5PE