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Male Functional Rehab Services

The John Munroe Group and its staff cohort have vast experience in managing males with challenging behaviours who require a bespoke rehabilitation service.

The approach at John Munroe Group and our challenging behaviour services in Staffordshire is to set out a behavioural management plan following a formulation meeting. This meeting is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Consultant Psychologist.

Rehab Approach (measured via the recovery star):

It is well known that boredom can be a trigger self-damaging and aggressive behaviours inpatient with mental health issues. Our mental health hospital in Rudyard, Nr Stoke ensures that all of the inpatients are provided with useful, constructive and supportive activities to aid their rehabilitation. By giving all of our male inpatients’ meaningful tasks and a community to integrate into, we adhere to the underlying principles that the John Munroe Group philosophy of care revolves around.


Our locked rehabilitation unit in Rudyard, Nr Leek offer male only activities in our male segregated units so that they can work proactively towards their shared goals.

We also have sensory equipment such as the Magic Table – the games provide adults, older people and children with a specific care need with activities that are meaningful and above all lots of fun! 

The team at the John Munroe Group feel that it is of upmost importance that all of our male patients are assessed and treated as individuals and for the duration of their inpatient stay, they will have the crucial opportunity to be offered the clinical and therapeutic support they need to get them to their goals.

The goal of our challenging behaviour units is for individuals to also get the opportunity to take time out, use some breathing space and sort of wider problems in their lives.

At the John Munroe Group we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our care and treatments for our patient groups, which is why we always welcome feedback (please click here for more details):

Males Rehabilitation Services (click on the tab below):

John Munroe Hospital, Rudyard, Nr Leek. Staffordshire. ST13 8RU. (tel: 01538 394270 option 3).

Horton Unit – 16 bedded, locked rehab functional

Larches Semi Independent Bungalow – 6 bedded, male locked rehab