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Horton Male Unit

Horton Unit is a 16 bedded, male only rehabilitation service. The unit offers an admission, assessment and rehab service for people with challenging behaviours with a diagnosis of functional mental illness or personality disorders.

The unit offers a very large communal lounge/dining area and low stimulus areas plus a large kitchen area where patients can make drinks and meals under staff supervision.

There are adequate toilets, bathrooms and shower facilities for the patient population, with bedrooms offering ensuite facilities.

As well meeting the mental health needs of our patient group, we have an excellent reputation for being able to meet the complex physicaln health needs as well. In order to do this we have an enahnced contract with our local GP service, this includes a visit from a GP every Tuesday (where they do a ward round) and a visit from a clinical nurse specialist every friday. We also employ our own registered general nurses, who ensure the physical health needs of all our patient group are met.

The unit has an enclosed, secure garden area with patio as well as a dedicated smoking area for patients (although we do encourage all our patients where possible to stop smoking).

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