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Shedding the Stigma Around Schizophrenia

18 Dec 2019 | BY simon

Unfortunately, the media has stigmatised many mental health conditions so dramatically that the mass populous has completely untrue beliefs about what conditions like schizophrenia and psychosis really entail.

In this article we hope to dismantle those beliefs because a schizophrenia diagnosis is not the end of the road. We know this not only because the staff running our schizophrenia service in Stoke are highly trained but also because we have seen patients with this diagnosis flourish after graduating from our care.

Most people diagnosed with schizophrenia go on to recover and live a normal life with the help of medication, therapy, and practicing healthy coping mechanisms to avoid relapse.


Schizophrenia = Violent

Schizophrenia = Split Personality

Neither of these symptoms are inherently related to schizophrenia. Most people who experience schizophrenia have never committed a violent crime.

The Facts:

The evidence-based symptoms of schizophrenia include:

  • A lack of interest in or disconnect from emotions, hobbies, or things they used to enjoy.
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or disorganised thinking/speech.
  • Wanting to isolate themselves from others.
  • Hallucinations and/or delusions.
  • Being unable to care for themselves.

The most recognisable symptom in media representations of those who experience schizophrenia is hallucinations and delusions. These symptoms are not inherently dangerous or encouraging of violence and are much more likely to elicit paranoia, confusion, or fear than an urge to hurt others.

Each person’s experience of schizophrenia is unique to them and that is why a tailored approach is necessary for treatment. Our schizophrenia service in Stoke ensures each patient is assessed and receives a bespoke treatment plan so that they can go on to live their lives to the fullest.

You can contact us at The John Munroe Hospital on 01538 394270 or by visiting our website, where you can find out more about our independent psychiatric hospital.

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