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We Take A Formulation Approach:

The management approach at John Munroe Hospital and Edith Shaw Hospitals, Mental Health Services, Staffordshire is one based formulation (this is dependent on presentation and compliance of the individual at the time).

This approach is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Consultant Psychologist and aims to develop a behavioural management plan.

Where possible we engage with the patient in this plan so that they are fully involved. In some cases this may not always be possible.

There are regular MDT reviews including consultant psychiatrist, psychologist, occupational therapy, nursing and support workers (full MDT) from admission and ongoing until discharge.

If the patient is assessed as suitable for psychological intervention, a comprehensive formulation assessment will take place where the approach for rehabilitation will be explored and initiated.

Discharge planning and treatment goals will be formulated at the first CPA around week 6, the ultimate aim would be to determine what level of community care is required (usually 24 hour nursing care or supported living) and monthly goals to be reviewed at MDT with a plan to minimise challenging behaviours, optimise functioning and facilitate discharge with an appropriate plan for the nursing home or supporting living to implement.

This approach at our services has been very successful for many – please click here for success stories:

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Below are the various therapies on offer at our mental health hospitals: