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Education, Employment and Social Inclusion

The John Munroe mental health hospital near Stoke offers patients the opportunity to undertake educational qualifications and learn employment skill such as CV writing which can lead to greater social inclusion and life satisfaction upon patient release.

Vocational courses are accessed at local colleges such as the opportunity to gain GCSE’s or A Levels that they didn’t have the opportunity to complete due to their current circumstances plus the opportunity to learn new skills.

John Munroe Hospital Group staff have worked very closely with Leek College, Staffordshire and have established very good networks to ensure improved access to education for our patient group.

CV’s are developed as part of this therapeutic employment process and useful strategies to approach employers successfully. Many of our service users have been successfully employed in local cafes, charity shops, supermarkets etc and this leads to a sense of accomplishment and improved wellbeing. Often this experience has greatly improved social networks for our service users as they have believed that they could not achieve such everyday accomplishments.

We are able to facilitate our service user group accessing the local community utilising our large fleet of vehicles (we have 8 cars, including a specially designed disabled vehicle, so that we can ensure none of our group are socially isolated at any time). As well as the local community we are able to facilitate home visits and group excursions such as trips to Blackpool and Alton Towers (which is only 16 miles from Leek) amongst many others..

We are also looking at developing in-house training for our patient cohort.

For more details call 01538 394279.