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Animal Assisted Therapy

Dolly the therapy dog.


My name is Dolly and I am an 8 year old German Shepherd, my owner Trish adopted me from Just for Dogs rescue centre when I was four months old, sadly my previous owner had put me out on the street as I was suffering from chronic demodectic mange which has taken a long time to treat and get under control, I am now very healthy and love life and live it to the full, I love doing agility, playing ball and even do some doggie dancing but most of all I love my Pets as Therapy work as all the people I visit make such a fuss of me and are so kind giving me treats and taking me for walks, I have been a Pets as Therapy dog for almost two years and I hope I have many years ahead of me to continue doing it, Thanks Dolly


Dolly and Trish attend JMH twice a month, to offer a PAT service to the patients (and staff.)It is wonderful to see the reactions of the patients when meeting and interacting with Dolly, offering her treats, patting her, taking her for walks, or with the assistance of Trish, participating in tricks and dance routines with Dolly, as well as giving her lots of loves and kisses.Some patients have stated they want to ‘keep’ Dolly, share memories of their own pets, sometimes shedding a tear, when recalling their memories, as well as sharing humorous stories about their pets.Dolly offers so much joy to all when she and Trish visit us, and we hope that her visits long continue. Thank you Trish and Dolly for enabling this to happen.Ward staff are also requesting dog blankets, leads, food etc. for a Dog Charity that Trish is Chairperson for – Just For Dogs. If anyone is able to help with donations, then please see or speak to Samantha Birch – CP – Rudyard Ward. There is also a money collection box on reception. Thank you.