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Occupational Therapy

John Munroe Group provides 24 hour support and facilitates development of daily living skills such as:

Budgeting and Shopping
Domestic activities, including: laundry care cleaning, food preparation (including food hygiene course),Breakfast Club, Personal Self Care
Coping Strategy Enhancement Skills Group (CSE)
Social Skills training
Anxiety Management and Relaxation;
Anger Management training.
Education re: medication and Self-medicating

We also offer:

Community access, including using public transport and road safety
Access to leisure and exercise (health promotion)
Return to work / volunteer work
Arranged leave to friends and family
Weekly key worker sessions
Weekly multi-disciplinary team review meetings
Regular individual reviews with the consultant psychiatrist and Clinical Psychology team

Our occupational therapy facilities include:

• A training kitchen.
• Large pupose built, multi-purpose area designed for the more traditional Occupational Therapy activities such as Art & Craft.
• as well as containing more up to date equipment such as a large plasma screen and Nintendo Wii, utilised for exercise regimes and popular with all ages.
• We also have and a newly established purpose built sensory garden.
• We have a range of hospital vehicles including standard cars and people carriers through to a mini-bus designed to take wheelchairs.